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I'm Back

"I'm back."

So it's been about a month since my last post, plenty long enough to be put officially on notice. And I realize that I need to make a splash if I ever hope to regain the readership of my 5 & 1/2 loyals. (That figure might be a reach actually.) With the pressure to deliver staring me down with raised eyebrow, I give you...

... the best icon I've seen on the worldwide during my hiatus! Isn't this a great "Contact Us" icon? Sure this features an obvious means of communication, but IntelliContact managed to use a phone style that's familiar in the real-world, but uncommon as an icon. I say a job well done IC.

Won't you agree?

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I checked almost daily for a post.
I checked daily for updates. On many occassions, multiple times.

I guess taking a month-long hiatus is the new blog rage?
Also, can you do anything about my blog headers? I think card table tees may be down or something.
I know I am here everyday, even the days when I am not.

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