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I Was Watching When...

Wow. What a performance by Lebron James tonight in the Cavs 2-OT win. This was Marv's recap:
  • Lebron scored the Cavs last 25 points;
  • 29 of last 30 points;
  • Last 11 field goals made
This includes 2 unheard of dunks within the final minute of regulation and bombs from various spots on the Palace floor. Reggie was getting beat-up by the Jet and Chuck post-game, but I think he had a point. Many of Lebron's shots down the stretch were well-contested including those drifting 3s he drained.

Still Detroit had to throw more aggressive double and triple teams at him to force more of those awkward Sasha Pavlovic moments. Lost in going bonkers for the King is how Flip Saunders further cemented his standing as an awful playoff coach.

But the story was The Lebrons, and it's a development that I certainly welcome. I was prepared for and accepting of a Spurs/Pistons final, but that's up in the air now. This Cleveland team has provided the drama TNT craves - I think it is important to highlight the word team as it was an incredibly effective team effort on the defensive end. And knowing your roles on the offensive end demonstrates teamwork as well in my opinion.

Now I don't watch the ESPN around here, but I imagine the hype following this game is going to get out of hand. I beg you GSW bandwagoners not to re-hitch to these Cavs. Except Todd, because he wore a Cavaliers tee to my birthday party. Also except Witt, because he has a John Bagley rookie card. If you were too busy watching "1 vs. 100" before the Lebron James game, then you should stay busy watching "1 vs. 100" after the Lebron James game.

I'll continue to witness.


Thank you for the exception.

Out of the three teams remaining, I am definitely pulling for the Cavs. I might even have to break out my shirt again.

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