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As my week without an office-mate winds down, so does my Rose Radio independence. Pandora, it's been a blast:

Old Man was right...
The best thing about Pandora is exploring/discovering new music. I've also realized that I'm much more receptive to discovering new music while listening at work, since solid background sound is the main objective and singing along to familiar tunes ain't happening. I took the most artist/song notes (Palmer would be proud) while listening to my Kaskade Radio and Consequence Radio stations. The former for some house stuff, the latter for some bearable contemporary rap.

Most appropriate track...
"Busy Doing Nuthin" was played yesterday on my Special Ed Radio station. We know this simply as a Biz Mark album cut from the early 90's, but the Genome knows it as:
Features Of This Song
east coast rap roots
swingin' beats
consistent rhyme patterns
clean lyrics
acoustic drum samples
an electric bass riff
prominent horns
the heavy use of funk samples
a dry recording sound
thin orchestration
lyrics by a famous rap artist
These are just a few of the hundreds of attributes cataloged for this song by the Music Genome Project.
Poppin' the hood...
The only list letdown I experienced was my 3rd Force Radio station. Looking to smooth things out a little, this didn't quite peg my brand of jazz. I wish you could pop the Genome's hood and take a look at some checkboxes. Since most level-headed music fans dig thick orchestration, what if "thin orchestration" in the above features list could be unchecked to further refine your station's mix?

Speaking of the Genome...

Isn't creating a New Edition playlist like giving the Genome a day off? If I create Keith Sweat Radio will all the songs be sung through a pinched nose? Is there a group putting more stress on the Genome attributes database than the Beastie Boys?

I miss the wrap...
Pandora's design used to feature full-site ad-wraps, which I actually liked. These were usually appealing designs that would refresh the look-and-feel every few songs. I wonder if their backers pulled given the cloudy future of Pandora and similar sites.

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