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Rev'd Up?

From what I heard, the Revolution won't be televised. So thanks to free passes from Mr. Dietrich, my dad and I headed to Sovereign Stadium last night for a look at the ball park and the team. Turns out, I've got a few bullets:

The Stadium
  • Parking at Small's Field cost $3, but was certainly close-by and hassle-free.
  • It may not have looked like a construction zone to the extent I was expecting, but they've got plenty of work to do and hardly wowed fans with anything close to a finished product.
  • The home team's RP's get the brunt of the sunlight, while the visitor's bullpen is tucked neatly in the shade.
  • Obviously then those with seats on the 3rd baseline do not have the sun issues those along the 1st baseline have for the first half of evening games.
  • The video board was pretty large actually, something I wasn't expecting.
  • The grass was too long... not sure if that is by design since this team is supposed to be built on speed or if it just needs a fresh cut.
  • The inundation with advertising wore me out by about the 3rd inning.
The Team
  • Danny Bautista (former Brave) and Peter Bergeron are the active Revs to have once played in the Majors. Statistically Bergeron seems to be struggling while Bautista is putting up decent numbers.
  • Kaz Tanaka has the inside track on being the fan-favorite. At 5'5", he's scrappy, bunts, steals and plays a reasonable LF.
  • RP Jason Olson was my game MVP. The first 3 innings took an eternity to complete due to an abundance of hits, walks and errors. Olson came in to get the Revs out of the 3rd and then pitched 2 more timely, shut-out innings.
  • No one drew the ire of the crowd more than 3rd base coach Ryan Minor who held up a base-runner rounding 3rd when it seemed apparent that he would score. His presence makes me feel old as I remember a Slam Magazine article in high school about an Oklahoma Sooner shooting guard titled "Minor Threat."
  • York committed a fare share of errors (fielding and on the base-paths), but thankfully theirs were not as embarrassing as Newark 2B Javier Colina's... a slow-rolling grounder sneaked through his legs and he dropped a throw from the catcher that would have nailed a potential (slow-footed) base-stealer by about 5 steps. That Bear was a goat.
  • Revolution closer Franklin Nunez made the 9th inning exciting by not making the 9th inning exciting: 3 batters faced, 2 Ks.
Here are some pics. I'd say that the experience is worth a few trips per summer.

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No thanks.

Give me Verlander v. Eaton (which I'm watching right now) over anything related to the fraudulant and illegitimate Atlantic League.


I encourage you to head up to Kevin Boyd Field in Elizabethtown to see some quality, non-MLB-affiliated baseball action. Parking and admittance is free. Go Jays!
Two reasons I won't be heading up to E-Town...


1. I don't get it?

2. And???

Still better than the Lancaster and York scrubs. Less errors and walks, that's for sure. Doesn't take 4-5 hours to complete a game.
1) I don't think that stack of aluminum compares to the stadium, fan experience-wise.

2) The chance to see past or, albeit less-likely, future MLB players adds something.

The Revs' error pace is currently lower than the '07 Jays'... about 1.05 EPG vs. 1.41. I'll give you walks.
1. Etown had to raise the money for its new stadium on its own. I helped. We didn't receive millions from state, local and city governments to finance our digs.

2. I'll pass on the chance to see "Bloated" Danny Batista or "Ticky-Tacky" Tike Redmend or any of those other has-beens and never-weres.

Also, Etown played its full season. Let's see where York stands on errors when their season - or "half season" is complete.

I was with someone Monday night, driving by the Lancaster stadium. There was a game going on. My passenger said, "Oh, is there a big game tonight?"

I replied, "There is a 'game' tonight, but I wouldn't call it big."
1) I once sold an '86 Jordan Rookie to repair an '87 Nissan Sentra... but I wouldn't wish driving that on anyone.

2) Fair enough... you don't have to see the Bautista bloat and I don't have to hear the aluminum ping.
The Atlantic League is underrated. There is something to be said about watching players play for fun, (and a small paycheck) All in all, I like the fact that we have a team. No disrespect to the E-Town Jays, but college baseball as a whole is no fun to watch, or attend. I have been to several minor league games, including the Nashville Sounds, and the Columbus Clippers and I have enjoyed all of those games. I have to agree about the lure of the wooden bat. Anytime I hear that ping I think of a softball league.
The ping is a downside. But so is watching six error, 15 walk games that last 4 1/2-5 hours.

I'm happy driving to Harrisburg to watch the Sens for some non-big league action.

I'll pass on the glorified semi-pro hardball.

To each his own.

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