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While I Was Out... The Ken Howell Table

Next time you're at Ruby Tuesday's - the Galleria Mall edition - be sure to request the Ken Howell table, if only because there is one.

MJ surprised me by stopping by The Institute on my birthday and treating me to lunch at Ruby's. As we perused the menu, started feeding Mallory, and began discussing the spectacular plans she had in store for the rest of the weekend, I became distracted by the wall decor next to our table. The Tommy Greene autographed 8x10 I reluctantly accepted since he threw a no-hitter for the Phils in the early 90's. But that other photo, I couldn't even remember the guy's name. Ken Harvey I kept thinking, but realized he was a more recent player. I recognized him as a late 80's Philly arm... Ken Holland maybe? Ken Dixon?

The first order of business upon returning to the office was a trip to where Ken Howell appeared on the '89 Phillies page. Not a bad season either - he led all Phightin' starters in wins, ERA, strikeouts and innings pitched, and set a team record for wild pitches in a game with five... numbers undoubtedly making the famous Ken Howell worthy of wall space at Ruby Tuesday's... 18 years later.

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