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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Woulda blogged this week about some new soda I sipped, but canned the idea for fear of over-vouching. (The Pepsi Summer Mix was pretty good though.)

Coulda blogged this week about a case of eBay fraud I had to deal with... seems limited to that so far, which is a relief. But both eBay and Discover were so cooperative that I'm satisfied sparing the details.

Shoulda blogged this week about how a "Just Played" feature is a must-have on all jazz radio station web sites. When Alan Jackson is on country radio, by golly I know it's Alan Jackson even if I've never heard the song before. I'm not sure how to make that distinction when a song's lead "vocalist" is a jazz guitar. So if I hear a song in the car that I like but do not catch the DJ tag, I have nowhere to begin my follow-up. Seems simple enough to archive titles played within the previous 2 hours of airplay at any given moment.

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