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From what I've seen, the www offers all sorts of opinions on fantasy football. But I still like to have a book each season - something right at the fingertips to help prep for my drafts.

I swung by Borders last week to raid the magazine rack. Do these publications understand the volume of competition they face? When hoping to standout from the others as a viable option, here are two major gaffs they should avoid:

1) Do not highlight the fact that your magazine ranks Carson Palmer as this season's #1 QB. Betting against Manning to keep his title is draftbook suicide.

2) Do not highlight an interview with Ladainian Tomlinson as the main cover call-out. We don't care what LT's favorite pre-game meal is, how many DVDs he owns or who wins when he golfs with Phillip Rivers.

So I settled on a single magazine - "Fantasy Football Draftbook 2007. " Catchy enough title but, as pointed out by my brother-in-law, one whose cover's largest photo is of Larry Johnson and largest title is "Steven Jackson Takes No Prisoners." Ugh... no wonder I can't get over the hump and turn my Gang Green franchise around.


I agree with all of the above. Most of that information is just you and I writing our opinions. The only difference is, not one of these guys has ever laced up a pair of cleats. Having a magazine at your disposal is good for one reason and one reason only; so you don't overlook players

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