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FFL'07: Ol' Number Five

Long before allowing the ebb and flow of the NFL preseason to scramble my mind, well in advance of countless guru-crafted fantasy football web articles crossing my eyes, and at least a week or two before Mark and I get our mock on, I drafted my first fantasy football squad of the season.

I jumped into a free public Yahoo! league (10 team) to experiment a bit with building a team White House style... all gut. I stuck to the formula of hitting the skill positions early and often, but made my choices on whim and impulse. Here's Ol' Number Five's roster rundown:

QB: Matt Leinhart (7-70); Jon Kitna (8-71); Matt Schaub (16-151)
RB: Brian Westbrook (1-10); Travis Henry (2-11); Marshawn Lynch (6-51); Jerious Norwood (9-90); Michael Turner (14-131)
WR: Terrell Owens (3-30); Javon Walker (4-31); Plaxico Burress (5-50); D.J. Hackett (10-91); Greg Jennings (11-110); Robert Meachem (18-171)
TE: Randy McMichael (12-111); Eric Johnson (15-150)
K: Stephen Gostkowski (17-170)
DEF: Denver (13-130)

Without a top-tier QB or top-5 RB, I'm hoping this is a versatile enough team to post consistent numbers. The team bottoms out after a strong receiving corps, and I'm not sure I have a sure enough thing backing up at RB. But, thanks to some shaky drafts by the competition, I think I might be able to put forth a legit fight to add to the trophy case.


I would take that squad any day of the week. I don't like the Denver 'D' only because they play in a run heavy division.

Whatta ya mean "without a top- tiered QB"? John Kitna is a steal and a definite starter. Barring any type of injury he's going to have a huge season. :)
I am surprised you didn't go with the all Eagles draft strategy!

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