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An Awesomely Brilliant Rocker

I'm often asked how work's going and rarely offer much of a response. My reticence isn't due to the fact that it's not going well though. In fact, much to the contrary say these recent emails:

Bill Walton's mastery of hyperbole is more than welcome during any NBA broadcast. Various co-workers' unwitting insertion of the same into my mailbox... not so much. Multiple exclamation points, smiley faces - what I really think when I get a few of these within the span of a day or two is that there is some kind of inside joke going on and the Instituters are just having fun with me. Brilliant? I converted a series of HTML pages into a PDF document.
Awesome? I uploaded a word file to our web site to override the outdated version. I rock? Cool.

By the way, can you take exclamation points and smiley faces into a performance review? "Sir, as evidenced by correspondences saved in my Exclamations and Smileys Outlook folders, I've accrued 427 exclamation points and 88 smiley faces over the last fiscal year. Need we really discuss 'being a team player' and 'future challenges?!?'" ☺

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Any chance that "You rock!!" was from a certain KR? Quite frankly, that seems like a compliment that individual would utilize.
You've got familiarity, but you'll have to crawl one more step up that ladder, TK.
D-Temp? Say it ain't so!

I never pictured the Templin-ator using one exclamation point, now you're telling me he's using two?

Also, do you think he bears some resemblence to Roger Goodell?

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