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Contestant’s Skid Row

This title may have the makings of a quality “Same Name” Wheel of Fortune puzzle (new season starts Monday, 9/10, with all sorts of new wrinkles), but it actually sums up life as I continue to follow through with ‘07’s resolution: Enter more contests.

Thus far I’ve avoided letting the losses get to my heart. However, after YDR’s handling of their “Summer Photo Contest,” I’ve been sunk to Brittenum Twin status: My spirit has been broken.

“Summer Photo Contest” sounds innocent enough, right? Find a few snapshots of Mallory doing this or that in a seasonal setting and give it a whirl. The contest results were printed last Sunday and we didn’t make the cut. No biggie.

Dejection set in soon after when I checked out the archive of entries online. First of all, my pictures looked dark on a PC, no doubt the format of the machine the judges were using. The poor color representation zapped the sunsation out of a few of my shots, but despite Hodgman’s efforts, that’s just the way of the world I guess.

Then, I really hit rock bottom when I clicked to view my photos and saw a 5-star rating system attached to each pic. I didn't make the paper, now I've got to stand by as the people tell me how close I wasn't? Mally’s face is barely peeping out of the top of a ferris wheel carriage and you’re giving me 1.8 stars? I use my cam’s built-in “Fireworks” setting, but my killer July 4th shot can only muster a 1.7? My daughter’s first steps on the beach warrant a 2.4? This county is merciless!

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Thanks for the links! I voted. 5 stars in my book!

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