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Eagles 56, Lions 21

A few happenings in last week's Eagles win over the Lions that we might not see again this season:
  • Let's just get it out of the way... the uniforms, hopefully
  • Ol' #5's perfect passer rating
  • 50+ points from the offense
  • 3 TDs by 3 different RBs
  • 3 TDs by 1 WR
Pitch and catch is fun, no? And I hope we get to see much more of that Stockton and Baldinger booth.

Taking Inventory
  • Bearcat Trent Cole's season sack total: 5
  • Bearcat Brent Celek's season reception total: 0
  • Yards Tony Hunt is stealing from Brian Westbrook, year-to-date: 1
  • Eagles record: 1-2
  • Fantasy record: 10-8
  • Office Pick'em: 33-15 (5th place)
Recap Rewind: '06 | '05


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