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The Office Pool

An $85 entry fee normally ends any conversation of me jumping in an office pool. But I've been struggling to get to know people at the Institute and thought this might serve as an excellent talking point. Plus, with over 40 participants, there are plenty of weekly and seasonal opportunities to recoup lost funds. And what's great is that there are no point spreads - just pick the winners straight up and let the chips fall where they may. Okay, I'm in. Now who's running this thing...


Ugh. Let me guess, there's a database app to manage the pool that looks like it was built in 1992. Check. Ooh and I bet a shortcut to this eyesore will conveniently appear on my Citrix app panel based on my log-in credentials. Check. Surely they came up with a clever name for this operation... what?!? Frenzy? Nooooo!!!

I am off to a nice start having pocketed 15 singles in week one and am currently tied with a few others atop the leaderboard. But no matter how well I fare as the season progresses, I'll still only be as imaginative as an IT guy. Bleh.


I am really shocked that in this day any business would allow an application of this kind.

I guess that is the benfit of being in and education setting.

Our auditors would fry us if they ever found out we had something like this!

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