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Southwest Flies Hall-of-Fame Talent

I was just reminiscing over my most recent celebrity sighting...

It was just a few weeks back when I was sitting at the Chicago Midway terminal on my way back from Kansas City (they love company!), marveling at how people in such close proximity are simulateously in a thousand different places. Then I saw him... Adrian Dantley! Eye contact followed and I was sure he knew I knew who he was - a surprisingly satisfying feeling.

Now, what if I sat next to AD? How should I play it? I can't imagine Dantley gets hounded on the regular, so he might be up for some roundball discourse. I could show off by marginalizing the talent he was traded for. After all, who wouldn't be game for trashing Tripucka? I would most def make it very clear to Adrian Dantley that I'm appalled he's not in the Hall. (I've discovered since that he would have replied: "I am.")

But then it hit me... there's no way the great Adrian Dantley is flying Southwest. And just like that, he walked off.

Fast forward to my plane entrance. As I boarded, the flight attendant pegged me as a candidate for a nice front row seat since I didn't have any carry-on. "Walk right off the plane," she said. Of course the front row seat was between one grown man and another extra-grown man... 400 lbs minimum. I took one for the team and wedged myself into "first-class."

Next I learned that I don't need a functioning left side of my body to notice ADRIAN DANTLEY boarding my plane. Ol' #4(5) shook off the flight attendant's concern over space for his bag and went right ahead and flew Southwest. Who will Dantley sit next to? What will they discuss?

Frustrated that I couldn't spit game with Adrian Dantley, I must say things got worse when normally sized man requested "tomato" to quench his thirst. Then he cycled PAST Mike Tyson's Punch-out to play Berzerk on his DS. What? There's Hall-of-Fame talent on the plane and I'm stuck between the offensive line and a V8?

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