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Let's Talk About Money

What's this? $10,000 bill sent to N.Y. for safe-keeping? The bill was at a Green Bay branch of Chase Bank, who's namesake Salmon P. Chase is the face of the bill. Throw in the spring debut of a new, more colorful 10 spot, and I think it's time to update my Legal Tender Power Rankings...

1) 10,000 Dollar Bill
This bill would look great in a fantastic duct tape wallet. If I ever possess one, I'll then be willing to spend $85 for a duct tape wallet.

2) 2 Dollar Bill
The 2 is always 2. And through the upcoming hardships of lost employment, I should still be able to break a 2.

3) 50 Dollar Bill
The 50 holds strong in third place. This bill usually protects a stack of ones in your friend's money clip.

4) 10 Dollar Bill
The redesign's entrance into circulation generated some buzz last week thanks in most part to the introduction of shades of orange, yellow and red. Without Reagan though, the energy may be short-lived.

5) 5 Dollar Bill
The 5 makes itsPower Rankings debut. With so many great lunch options out there for a mere $3.17, it's always nice to have a 5 or so in the pocket.


Why no love for the 20 and the 100? Andrew Jackson looks good on the 20, and it just isn't right that Lincoln gets to be a part of 2 pieces of currency. As far as the 100, was there ever a cooler guy then Ben Franklin? The fact that you can just refer to it as a "Benny" should at least make the rankings don't you think?

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