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10 things Peter King would think he thought about football if he were me

  1. Chad Johnson’s not the NFL’s best WR, he’s not even his team’s best WR.

  2. The most disappointing thing about the Eagles collapse this week against the Giants was the jovial attitudes players had with each other (David Akers excluded) on the playing field. There were many instances, but this culminated with John Runyan and Michael Strahan laughing about a hold called on Runyan during the Eagles collapse.

  3. Not only do they start for actual NFL teams, but Jon Kitna and Rex Grossman put on quite the week 2 quarterbacking clinic in their head-to-head matchup, combining for 43 of 57 passing (about 75%), 4 TDs (all Grossman’s) and 0 Interceptions.

  4. If Ben Roethlisberger is standing on the sidelines wearing a gray sweatsuit and backwards cap again tonight, the NBA better fine him for dress code violations.

  5. Good to see Billy McMullen getting into the action in each of his first 2 games with the Vikings.

  6. I caught bits and pieces of the Raiders/Ravens game yesterday and those announcers (Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker) were praising Oak-town QB Andrew Walter. That doesn’t make any sense.

  7. Michael Pick’s playing well enough to get his hype-machine jump-started. Thankfully, Brett Favre isn’t.

  8. Count me in for voting “yes” for Reggie Bush gaining dual position eligibility in fantasy football leagues.

  9. Other fantasy issues: 1) Tatum Bell, Mike Bell… pick one Shanahan!; 2) Maybe Bender was right… grab Jericho Cotchery while you can; 3) Is my third round pick Matt Hasselbeck even in the top 20 at his position?

  10. Non-football thought of the day: I accidentally drank from the wrong can of soda this morning. The blue can to my left was cold, refreshing and headache-reducing. The red can to my right was open for 3 days and nearly empty. I found out that the red can was also full of ants. Its harder than I thought it would be to mentally get past a mouthful of Cherry-Coke and ants.


That ant can is rough. Bleck!

I long for FFL. Mr. Sparkle 2K6 is doing pretty well, though.

P. Rivers, Alexander, Gore (Frank, not Al), Maroney, R-Bush, Ronnie Brown (notsomuch), Anquan, Deion Branch (developing), Antonio, Neil Rackers, and the Jags D. Not too shabby.

Too bad they're an independent.
1. Chris Henry had one good game - let's give him a little more time and see if he can stay out of the police blotter before annointing him as the Bengals top WR.

But Cincinnati does have quite a flock of wideouts with CJ, Houshmanzilla, Henry and Kelley Washington.

No doubt the WVU product is better than any WR Pitt ever produced, though. Flood! Oh snap.
that is crap. lets see how long it takes henry to get arrested again.
Looks like Joey Porter beat him to the punch:
CJ may be the 3rd best receiver. I'd take Who's your momma over him too if he ever plays.

Shanahan, well I don't think even he knows what he is doing sometimes. They actually ran Ron Dayne last year.

As for Cotchery, he may still be available...i'd pick him up.

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