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Sometimes I wonder why I blog. Many of my posts are whack. Few people really read the thing (despite well-targeted FloodWords). When I am unable to come up with posts or don't have time to do so, I feel like I'm failing at it.

But one year ago today, I quoted Ric Flair. And that's why Blah, Blah, Blogs. Whoooo!

I read your blog, please keep blogging!
I also read your blog.

I know how you feel, though. But keep blogging. The posts where you can reference The Natche make it all worth it.
I read your blog.

My intent wasn't to call for support, rather to highlight how cool it is and will be to look back on past writings, links and photos. But I appreciate it Old Man, Todd-tastic and AnonyMISS. Two-thirds of you keep up the postings too!

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