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Frenzy #5

The 2006 Frenzy was a success. Forget the $2700 we raised for Bell Socialization Services, I got to play quarterback all day! The Bliztkreig/10 Apple Rush merger created a unique role - all QB and no defense, which I gladly accepted. I thought I'd jot down game recaps to preserve some of the day's most memorable twists and turns...

Warriors 13, Blitzkreig 12

Hi: It took no longer than our first drive for "the killer play" to work. Anytime you break out Adobe Illustrator to design a play, you want results. A nice route from Mark and solid protection staked Blitzkreig to an early 6 point lead.

Lo: In a prelude to Eli's boneheaded game-costing non-throwaway 2 days later, my ill-advised downfield shot while needing only to run out the clock cost our team a win they deserved. I'd like to elaborate with an excuse, but there isn't one.

Blitzkreig 44, Little Giants 12

Hi: I'll give a quick nod to TDs via option play, shovel pass and jumbo package, but Charlie's out-stretched sideline snag of a jump-pass may have been most impressive.

Lo: Watching Tucker's Giants march down the field and score on the opening possession caused concern. It was probably the most effectively engineered drive we faced all day.

Wrecking Crew 26, Blitzkreig 12

Hi: No turnovers. Going into the game, Chris told me the Wrecking Crew had blown out their first two opponents by picking off passers with ease. The key for us to stay in the game was to make sure my passes were caught by green jerseys or no jerseys at all. Mission accomplished... no picks and we stayed in the game considering the Crew's final 6 points came on a heave at the final whistle.

Lo: Being down 12-6 at halftime. We were frustrated because we felt like we played well against our nemesis, but were still trailing due to 2 big offensive Wrecking Crew plays.

Playoffs: Warriors 1, Blitzkreig 0

Hi: What a defensive effort. The secondary of Chris, Mark, Dave and Todd just had it working. To hold the eventual champs scoreless throughout regulation despite beginning most drives 20 yards and in was just phenomenal.

Lo: We called a WR screen to try to move the ball off the goal-line. I received the snap and flipped it over to Dave without trying to grip and pass a well-thrown ball. Dave made the catch and turned upfield for a few yards. After the play the Warriors lineman handed me my flag... he had pulled it just after I hot-potatoed the ball. That play best illustrates how quickly the beasts were breaking through. It was ugly.

Consolation: Blitzkreig 40, Little Giants 38

Hi: An old-fashioned shoot-out closed our day. With so many points scored, a few highlights come to mind including Dave's interception returned for a TD, Chris' perfect QB rating, a little high-stepping (not really) and of course... the amoeba!

Lo: You have to give it to the G-men for calling a fade route to their 5'2"-ish dynamo down near the goal line. Also, you have to scratch your head as to why it worked.


Congrats to the Warriors for claiming their first Bobblehead. I think the tournament was closely competitive from top to bottom and I think we proved to be a pretty tough out. I've got a year to re-load the wrist coach. Who knows? With some better play-calling and a little more consistency, Blitzkreig might bypass that consolation game next year.


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