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What an enjoyable night of TV last evening! These are my top 5 highlights:

#5: Ellen's Life Goal
Strange to see a commercial get a network promo as NBC went into a break, but the new American Express ad featuring Ellen Degeneres and her life goal to work with animals was entertaining.

#4: Baron Davis in full effect
The NBC lineup had me temporarily forget about the NBA on TNT, but I remembered in time to tune in for the start of the west-coast game. I stayed awake for the first quarter, long enough to see Papertown Shakes guard Baron Davis dish out 11 assists. He was on pace to shatter a single-game record, but apparently switched gears a bit as the game continued - he finished with 36 points, 18 assists and 8 boards.

#3: 30 Rock
This show had me laughing the most last night. I like the move to Thursdays and think I will watch it regularly. Thanks to NBC for completing and marketing a "no laugh-track" Thursday night lineup. It could only be better if they picked up Everybody Hates Chris and plugged that in My Name Is Earl's (already stale) timeslot.

#2: The Office
The viewing history gives this one the edge over 30 Rock. The cast members merged to create some new funny moments, especially Dwight vs. Ed Helms (I forget his show name). But just when I thought Kevin stole the show again, he really just ended up selling out.

#1: Peace, Love and Gap
This new commercial featuring Common was great. It was visually artsy, and Common's performance was authentic... tough to do when you're rapping for a jean company. Hopefully it helps him expand his audience.

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what do you have against earl??? That show is great.
Ed Helms' character's name is Andy.

I wasn't too big on either the Ellen or Common spots. But I guess I can live with them.

Agreed on Earl. Told you about 30 Rock. I thought Tracey Morgan was hilarious when he was like, "I also write a column in Ebony called 'Musings'". Good show.
I have to say I think the Office is one of the funniest shows I have seen in the recent past.

Discalaimer: I have not devoted any real time to watching Earl.

Is there a funnier guy on TV than Michael Scott? I was suspicious when Jim left for Stamford but they made it work while bringing in some new blood.

Laughed for the entire show!

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