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After some sub-par guesswork on the fate of last year's Idol crop, I figured I better allow myself at least one performance on the Idol stage before getting all fearless with my predictions. This year's group is unique compared to previous groups due to the fact that they're not really that, well, unique. No rockers. No twangers. And thankfully no crooners. I think the similarity in voice/style among the remaining 20 contestants is what makes this season so difficult to predict. But I'll take a shot anyway by highlighting 6 to watch:

6) Lakisha Jones: Fast start but much was the hype associated with singing last; won't fare as well as most are predicting, probably top 8 but I doubt top 5
5) Brandon Rogers: Slow start but should gain momentum; expect a top 8 finish
4) Jordin Sparks: Could be the most unique female; another top 8 finisher
3) Chris Richardson: If he can get comfortable, expect a top 4 finish
2) Blake Lewis: Probably the most versatile of the males; this season's runner-up
1) Stephanie Edwards: I was most impressed by her in the opening round; she'll stick around longer than any other female and win this thing

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Wanna rethink your Brandon Rogers pick?

Zzzzzzzz. Not a fan.
Brondon Rogers is proving to be no Matt Rogers. I agree that his top 8 finish might not even be a top 16 finish after last night's performance.
It has to be him and Sinjay or whatever his name is based on last night's performances. Rogers looks the part, and if he does make it past this week, he still may make the top 8.
Malakar was pretty creepy, but I think the teenies like him. Last week, Seacrest told Sanjay he finished in the top 4.

The only guys I like are Beatbox Blake and C-Rich.

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