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Who's (not) in my Fave Five?

There hasn’t been a team in the String Bean Basketball 3 who hasn’t dealt with a rash of injuries. The '06/'07 edition of the Association has been riddled with torn patella tendons and bruised shoulders. But my Papertown Shakes squad is reeling right now, for the most part due to games lost by the walking wounded. The players below would give a starting crew in this month's all-star game a good run. The players below would flat out win a 12-team fantasy league. The players below are all injured Shakes.

PG Baron Davis
SG Michael Redd
SF Paul Pierce
PF Antawn Jamison
C Marcus Camby

Obviously, two of these players are grants (players who are injured every season) and I shouldn't be surprised they’re once again sporting the business casual. But Redd, Pierce and Jamison have been durable players over the years. The hope is to get 3 players back in time to hold down the league's 2nd seed, and all 5 back to run with Gil, Dre, Marion-Lite and Shaq in the Finals.

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You're not going to get much sympathy from the Snitchin' squad, P-Town. Here's my injured starting five:

PG - Chris Paul
SG - Josh Howard
SF - Grant Hill (of course)
PF - Rashard Lewis
C - The Bosh

Winners! I also lost Nenad Krstic for the year (and he was putting up solid C numbers) and AK-47 for a few games (no biggie this year).

Granted, they all haven't been exclusively at the same time, but it's been pretty constant usually with 2 or 3 guys out at a time.

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