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American Idol's Assault on Business Radio

10:09 - Just To Feel That Way - Taylor Hicks
Hicks kicks off The Rose's 9-to-5 business radio Idol coverage. This song is a great improvement over "Do I Make You Proud," but I still expect it to be the day's worst Idol offering.

11:03 - I Wanna Be Inside Your Heaven - Carrie Underwood
While her finale-winning single is occasionally spun, The Rose is mum on any of Underwood's award-winning country tunes. I think the adults would bump the twang, hopefully The Rose will reconsider.

11:10 - Waitin' On The World To Change - John Mayer
John Mayer can't be pleased to have this otherwise decent pop tune associated with Sanjaya Malakar. I hope it's a temporary association.

11:21 - Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
The original A.I. gets a play. Her voice hasn't dominated the workplace airwaves as much lately. Either The Rose has cut back on Clarkson joints, possibly due to the arrival of new business radio friendly Idol releases, or I am confusing them with that other highly repetitive station.

11:33 - It's Not Over - Daughtry
The Rose started rocking Daughtry's premier effort just last week. While it pushes the business radio format, it's a nice, fresh addition. Unless Patsy dusts off 'Tasia's "Baby Mama," "It's Not Over" will be the day's best Idol track.

1:24 - Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield
I really liked this song the first year it was out, but it's second-wind is wearing me out. Thanks for unveiling it to the adult-contemporary audience Ayla Brown!!

2:10 - Change - Kimberly Locke
Season 2's Locke had a great, underrated debut single with "8th Wonder." I consider newly-released "Change" a sophomore slump.

2:24 - Black Horse and a Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall
's performance of this song down the stretch of AI5 helped her reach the finals. But to a greater extent, it put KT Tunstall on the charts. Throw in solid follow-up "Suddenly I See" and Tunstall is hitting her stride. McPhee? Haven't heard from her (although others have).

3:10 - Street Corner Symphony - Rob Thomas
This song has nothing to do with American Idol. I just thought I'd highlight it as the most horrible song to be played at least twice a day on business radio stations across the U.S.

4:09 - Just to Feel That Way - Taylor Hicks
What? Will Hicks and his lousy ditty be the only repeat Idol performer today? Every Rose has its thorn I guess.

4:33 - Since You've Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Well, this kind of shoots holes in my earlier KC comment. It's a solid tune at least.

What did they miss?
  • I understand that "Sorry for 2004" and "Truth Is" are probably too R&B, too old and never popular enough to find spots on business radio playlists, but I would like to occasionally hear either Ruben or Fantasia's season finale feel-gooders. The other 3 seem to wind their way into the mix from time to time.

  • I downloaded Elliot Yamin's debut single "Movin' On" last week and surprisingly dig it. It would be a clutch addition to the Assault, but it's probably not adult-contemporary enough.

  • It's not that I'm achin' for him, but Clay Aiken was not to be heard from today. Surprising since his new song gets plenty of run and is actually listenable.

  • After thankfully being replaced as the Idol send-off soundtrack, "Bad Day" has been losing some steam. Will Daughtry's "Home" catch on and eventually become a mainstay?

  • "Paula is missing." So said Seacrest last night and so says The Rose today. Her various hits have pretty consistently popped up at least once a day. She'll be featured on "All 80's Friday" I'm sure, but I would've preferred a little "Cold Hearted" today.

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Ugh, I've always hated that Locke song - "8th Wonder".

I agree with you regarding Tunstall. McPhee put her on the map and she is making the most of it...more than McPhee is.

I also liked that Bedingfield song. To add, MTV currently uses it as the theme song to "The Hills".
Speaking of Studdard, his new tune "Why you wanna change me?" is also very good. I like Sorry 2004, but I think I dig his new one even more. They could easily play some Carrie Underwood as a lot of her tracks are pop/country crossovers.

I still have yet to hear the Hicks song, so I am going to get it now just so I can at least have an opinion on it.
I think I've made a grave mistake... after Todd's hateful comment it dawned on me that the Locke song is "8th World Wonder," not "8th Wonder." The latter would be a Sugar Hill Gang or Digable Planets song.

Mark: I've heard (did I get it from you?) Studdard's "Why..." - it's okay. If that Hicks song doesn't download in 2.5 seconds or less, I'm afraid you'll be wasting too much time.

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