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Choose your favorite from the Steve Buckhantz lexicon: Backbreaker! Dagger! How do you like that?!? They all applied unfavorably to the Washington Wizards this weekend after consecutive buzzer-beating losses. Here are a few observations after a weekend with the Wiz:
  • Add Steve Francis (remember him?) and Udonis Haslem to the long list of players to unexpectedly torch the Wizards. It's been happening all year from the likes of Ryan Gomes, Zaza Pachulia, Devin Brown, so on and so on.

  • Not to beat up Fast Eddie Jordan, but two coaching decisions played a big role in last night's loss. First, Jordan decided not to foul Shaq within the final 3 minutes of a close game, rather opted to double-team him and allow Shaq to use his passing skills, finding teammates for easy buckets. Pat Riley's play-call with 3 seconds to go was great. He drafted a play for the player facing Washington's worst defender rather than automatically going with one of Miami's top offensive players.

  • The Wizards are great entertainment. Everytime I think I've got a clear thought about them, the opposite happens. Plus, darned near all of their games go down to the wire.

  • Gilbert Arenas has to be the most clutch offensive player in the game today. Prior to Haslem's heroics last night, "Keep Shootin'" canned all 3 of his free throws with 3 seconds left to tie up the game. He also hit a running 3 at the halftime buzzer. Agent Icewater!

  • The Wizards still aren't a complete enough team to be taken too seriously, and a lot of that goes back to the drafting board. Watching Jared Jeffries suddenly become an aggressive force against the Wiz on Saturday got me to thinking of how the Wizards haven't drafted a player to have a significant impact on the team since Juwan Howard was drafted in '94. The few "names" they've drafted in the last 15 years such as Richard Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace were traded away for veterans before an impact was made. Others that could fill roles such as Devin Harris, Jared Jeffries and Kwame Brown weren't kept around long enough to develop. The point is this - elite teams build through the draft (save for the '04 Pistons).

  • Looking at that draft list, Washington does clean up on drafting future NBA coaching legends. Doug Moe, Don Nelson and Larry Brown and Jerry Sloan were all selected in their first 4 drafts.

  • Quite frankly, we've got the worst logo in all of sport.

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That's a pretty pathetic draft history, topped off with the selection of Kwame Brown #1 overall. God Shamgod was the man for Providence though. I didn't realize they drafted Devin Harris, but they certainly don't need a PG anyway.

Do you really think that the Wizard finger rolling the ball is the worst logo in the league? What about the Spurs, Pacers, or the Knicks? Even the Hawk could use a facelift.

By the way, who was covering Haslem when he hit the game winner?
Bring back the Bullets! That may have been the best logo in the Association. Not a good sign when you go from having the best logo in the league, to a mid-90's Sixers-era replica. Dare I say durst?

I also enjoyed me some God Shamgod.

I'll give the ordinary Pacers and Knicks logos a pass because their longstanding team names don't really inspire many options. Their choice to keep things clean, simple and bold should've been passed along to the Wiz. I think the Spurs logo is high-quality.
I also think the Spurs logo is pretty solid. I loved it back in the George Gervin days.

Clutch? Did you forget last year against the Cavs? In case you did here is a reminder

I agree with the worst logo, the title of worst name isn't far behind either. I agree with todd on going from the best to the worst. The Bullets name and logo was awesome. Maybe whoever made the name change decision also makes their draft decisions.

However, upon doing some research it looks like the Wizards was probably the best of the worst, here are the other names they were concidering:

The Dragons
The Express
The Stallions
The Sea Dogs
The Wizards

I guess if you look at it that way the Wizards isn't as bad as the it? You can read more about the name change here.
Well, at least they're not the Revolution.
Gilbert's not focusing on the past, nor should Old Man Kirby. The point is more or less made with this season in mind.

Those team name choices were horrible. I think the country as a whole has fallen into a team naming lull.

How about that MJ statline? 20.0 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.5 steals in his worst season would be fantasy gold.

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