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When I saw the headline to this article on Digg, I thought one of the following had to be true:
  • This Digg "Top Ten" thing has gone too far.
  • This has to be a joke, you can't possibly rank numbers. That would be dumber than ranking U.S. currency.
Well, I was wrong on both counts. When the guy started throwing out "canonicality" and giving props to 1729 for being the third Carmichael number, I figured he was dead serious. And while nearly all of this is way over my head, it was a pretty entertaining read. I kind of dug it.

Now having stated that I have no grasp whatsoever on the content, I still must cry foul for not including 1 (preferably in the top 5) or 5318008 (for my elementary school calculator wizards).


Since tomorrow is March 14th what about 3.14?

Or for you calculator kids...

What about 37818? And it's 55378008

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