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The NBA Beat: Playoff Bullets

  • First off... the Wiz. Playing short-handed in round one against Cleveland was definitely a worst-case scenario. They learned absolutely nothing about their ball club and will undoubtedly move forward with the same make-up and strategy that they've had the past few seasons. The run-and-gun/no defense thing just can't work, which leads me to my next bullet...

  • I'm actually pleased the wheels fell off the Warriors and Suns bandwagons last round. Their brand of ball may have made Bo Kimble a lottery pick, but it ain't gonna win championships. Sure it was exciting and oftentimes well-played, but at some point you've got to play some D. Good riddance small-ball!

  • If there were to ever be a sequel to "Eight Men Out", the Spurs game 3 performance against the Jazz could easily be your storyline. I don't know who pulled those strings, but that was a giveaway. Each Tim Duncan foul was like Eddie grooving one in the movie. Jazz fans crying about flops today should just be happy the series wasn't allowed to be over yet.

  • Also: Gilbert breaks down the Blazers and Sam Vincent is once again linked to Michael Jordan

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Quit hating on small ball and run-n-gun. It is fun to watch and harkins back to the Association's glory days of the 80's.

I would much rather watch 119-112 games than 79-76 shootouts.

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