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Scottie's Been Deadspun

It's rarely a positive thing to be Deadspin fodder, which was the case today as Scottie Pippen was featured on the cynical sports blog. The foundation of the post wasn't really anything new, but the entry allowed the Deadspin community to dip into their stash of SP pot-shots. Admittedly, some were funny:
Stev D says:
You could make good money doing the opposite of whatever Scottie Pippen does.

Camp Tiger Claw says:
The only reason he can grow anything is because Michael Jordan owns a farm next door and fertilizes everything.

Get Him A Body Bag, Yeah! says:
I heard that he got into the farming life so much that he joined a country band. He's the second fiddler.
As for the Toni Kukoc/sidelines/pouting themed cracks... too soon! Those are some deep wounds. I mean it was finally Pip's team and the Master of the Zeniverse decoyed him. Treacherous!

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That Stev D comment got me laughing and it pretty much carried over throughout the post. Good one!

I believe The Big Lead also had a similar Pip-post in the last day or two.

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