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Word Up!

Here's the challenge: What is the longest word you can come up with using only one magnetic alphabet? Can Mallory's eleven-letter word be topped?

How about this twelve-letter puzzle from last night's Wheel of Fortune: whippoorwill? Webster hyphenates it, but Sajak's wordsmithery is king in my book.

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My word is uncopyrightable. And how ever did Mallory get those letters so high on the fridg, she must have mad ups!
My words are dermatoglyphics and misconjugatedly.
Ok I have a new word that is longer....uncopyrightables!
[arrow pointing upward]

Not a word.
looks like the wife got her way with the fridge....
Very astute observation Flood.

To the other commenters, the "trivia" label formerly affixed to this post has been updated.

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