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RE: I Hate This Game

So maybe the Buccos inauspicious start to yesterday’s tilt with the Phils is hardly throwing 10-foot pitch-outs, but I can’t pass up a chance to chip away at TK’s high-horse and toss around a FloodWord.

With NFL preseason action right around the corner, I thought I’d flip on the Pirates/Phillies contest yesterday to start off one last MLB doubleheader (the Braves/D-backs match-up was slated for a 4:30 start.) The following series of unfortunate events promptly ended the cable-box’s afternoon:

Top 1: Pirates 2B Freddy Sanchez was caught straying too far from bag 1 and thrown out by Phillies C Carlos Ruiz to end the inning.

Bottom 1: New Phillies 2B Iguchi pulled a ball down the right field line. What might have been a close play at 2nd turned into an easy 2-bagger for Iguchi as Pirates RF Xavier Nady failed to cut off the ball prior to it getting to the wall.

Bottom 1: Following his single to center, J-Roll advanced to 2nd as Pitt CF Nate McClouth airmailed the cut-off man with a throw going all the way to the plate, even though Iguchi stopped at 3rd and wasn’t really a threat to score on the play.

Bottom 1: Iguchi scored on a wild pitch (passed ball in my opinion).

Bottom 1: Power button.

Don't get me wrong, this nonsense doesn't push me to hate the game. I still checked in to the Braves blow-out win over Zona later that evening. I just think I've learned my lesson with P-Burgh. I think it's time to fax Jim Tracy a blueprint of the clubhouse, highlighting the door in Bucco gold.


All of those events combined do not match the nonsense of that Fraudstormers inability to issue two intentional walks/walkoff wild pitch.

Do the Bravos have any interest in Adam Dunn or any of the other Redlegs I would like to fire sale??

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