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Packers 16, Eagles 13

The night before the Birds took the field for the first time in '07, I was debating on which classic from the VHS vault to pop in the Broksonic. Should I go the season opener route and revisit the Pickle Juice game? Talk about a quintessential table-setter. Or should I play up the Packer angle and relish once again on a successfully converted 4th and 26? Put the belt on Freddie! Maybe my decision to just go with the less relevant tape of Eagles Video Yearbooks was most appropriate, since the following day's action was hardly classic material. Unfortunately though, it will go down in Eagles lore - the mishandled punts by Greg Lewis and JR Reed won't soon be forgotten.

Taking Inventory
  • Brett Favre vs. Philly (since 2000): 4 TDs, 9 INTs
  • Times Brett Favre's interceptions have been blamed on a rookie running back not initiating a blitz pick-up block in the exact spot on the field that it should have been, even though the block effectively thwarted a blitzing linebacker: 1 (by the Moose)
  • Reno Mahe signings: 1 (JR Reed cut)
  • Eagles Record: 0-1
  • Fantasy Record: 6-0
  • Office Pick'em: 11-3 (more on this later)
Recap Rewind: '06, '05
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Your fantasy record just may be blemished by this time next week.
It may very well be .500 by this time next week.

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