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Redskins 20, Eagles 12

What did we learn from last night's 20-12 Philly loss to DC? I need to locate the JVC's AM Loop Antenna. The only thing more painful than watching the Birds break down in the red zone was listening to the MNF booth - Barkley's guest appearance included - "calling the action." I found the decision to override actual play-by-play and color commentary with the soundtrack to Days Of Our Lives an unbearable one. MJ summed it up best when she briefly dropped her People magazine below her chin to question "why are they still talking about this?"

On the field, there are some concerns. While we've been able to successfully stuff the run, the secondary's injuries are mounting and the play of Sean Consadine has been spotty. Offensively, the book seems to be out already on our starting wideouts' inability to shed the bump-and-run with Reggie Brown playing the role of Todd Pinkston and Kevin Curtis' game looking eerily like James Thrash's. As for the star of ESPN's soap opera, I'll reserve judgement on Donovan's effectiveness (or lack thereof) for a few weeks yet. Getting in synch obviously isn't coming as easily as I assumed it would and he may need a few more games to hit stride. Also, can we please ditch the no huddle?

Taking Inventory
  • Eagles offensive TDs, season-to-date: 1
  • Minutes spent talking about The View during an NFL football game: 2
  • Booming Sav Rocca punts: 1... maybe?
  • Eagles record: 0-2
  • Fantasy record: 7-5 (the yin and the yang so to speak)
  • Office Pick'em: 23-9 (5th place)
Recap Rewind: '06 | '05

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I can confirm one booming Sav Rocca punt - as per Merrill Reese.

I think Sav's punting thus far can also summarize the 2007 'Birds "o" up to this point: disappointing, below expections, and a cause for concern.

I'm willing to withhold judgement on ol' #5, too. It took Carson Palmer a bit last year to get back in the flow coming off his injury. I wish the Philly and national media would exercise a little patience as well, and cut Donnie Mac a little slack.

This Sunday's game v. Detroit is definitely a must win. But with Kitna and Martz's fun and gun attacking a depleted 'Birds secondary, I don't have high hopes.

Quentin for safety!

Btw, Jevon Kearse - done.

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