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I'd very much like to get back into collecting cards, but this site makes it painfully clear as to why I shouldn't. It seems that Peter Moylan's propsensity to notch the occasional Hold values his rookie card greater than FUT HOF Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine or John Smoltz RCs.

Visiting your peeps isn't as free as it used to be. I've been able to block out the gas fiasco pretty well, until calculating that our trip to my sister's Haymarket, VA pad set us back $30.

My wife's multiple attempts to silence my Popular Baby Names database analysis may be proof that I'm a name nerd. But you've got to admit, it's no coincidence Mallory peaked at an 83rd ranking in 1986.

Revisiting my Trutech vouch, I guess I should technically be satisfied. But after one quick year, the DVD Recorder went on the fritz.

Tuesday night hoops is on deck... can you believe they play to "a hundred?" I hadn't played to a hundred since Matt Ernst insisted on it twice a week circa '90-'92.

name nerd > word nerd

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