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On the D.L.

After our candid logo discussions earlier in the week, I was pleased to come across the artwork above representing the Dakota Wizards of the NBA Development League. Now this is the way to depict a Wizard. The WashWiz would creep opponents right out of the phone booth with this graphic emblazoning center court.

Dakota's eye for design, plus a certain something I've washed my hands clean of that's captivating hoops fans at the moment, has sparked my interest in taking a closer look at the NBA's D-League. I got my first real taste a few weeks ago while watching the D-League All-Star game as part of the NBA's All-Star Weekend. The most familiar name to me was Bakersfield Jam guard Gerry McNamera, but game MVP Pops Mensah-Bonsu has made the most of the occasion having recently been called up by the Dallas Mavericks. Here are a few links to open your eyes to the D.L.:
  • The league's created a nice little promotion with Gatorade, calling players acquired by NBA franchises Gatorade Call-Ups. Luke Schenscher's the latest Gatorade Call-Up.

  • Randy Livingston proves the D-League ain't just for rookies.

  • In true minor league tradition, the Arkansas RimRockers are giving away Bill Clinton bobbleheads tomorrow night.

  • While few D-Leaguers have yet to make a major impact in the NBA, there have been a few to latch on and play prominent roles.

  • Looks like tomorrow night's Jam/Flyers tilt will feature more than one Syracuse alum.

  • And don't miss this opportunity to get a tee with a real Wizards logo on it.

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Wow, now I know why my team sucks this year...I have or had 2 guys from the NBA DL league on it. Albeit Barnes was a short lived stint, Skip to my Lou is my 3rd guard these days. (Of course I only have 3 guards)
That logo is much better than Washington's. Maybe they shold hire their marketing dept.

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